What is DACA and how the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services operatest

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DACA or the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals has been in effect since June 2012. This law states that certain people who came to the United States as children and meet specific guidelines may request to be considered and benefit from this deferral for 2 years.

Deferred action is a use of prosecutorial discretion to defer removal action against an individual for a certain period of time.

In order to avoid being a victim of immigration scams, we recommend that all applicants consult with a licensed immigration attorney, experienced in handling cases before these agencies and who will review all the documentation related to applying for DACA for the first time. Information is available online under the USCIS webpage and can also be obtained by calling the National Customer Service Center from 8:00 am until 8:00 pm.

An applicant can request to be considered for DACA if they came to the US before reaching the age of 16; were under the age of 31 as of June 2012; had no lawful status on this date:; have lived continuously in the US since June 2007 and are currently in school, have graduated or obtained a certificate of completion from high school, have obtained a general education development (GED) certificate, or are an honorably discharged veteran of the Coast Guard or Armed Forces of the United States

DACA was announced by the Secretary of Homeland Security on June 15, 2012 to implement this migration mechanism for minors who came to the US and who fulfill the above mentioned guidelines. It is important to understand that deferred action does not provide lawful status and is subject to renewal and delays any removal action for a certain period of time. Under this status the applicant is permitted to work.

The Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals offers a solution for minors who have entered the United States as children and want to study and live legally in this country.

An experienced attorney authorized to practice immigration law in Dallas, throughout Texas, can assure that your case moves forward as quickly as possible and is handled correctly.