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You Can Fight Against Your Deportation

When the Department of Homeland Security makes the decision to place an order for your deportation, it can feel like you can’t do anything to fight back. Whether you are applying for your green card or have a permanent resident status, you do have the ability to fight the Department of Homeland Security with the guidance of an experienced attorney.

Here at Reina & Associates, our lawyers have over 90+ years of combined experience in immigration law practice. In the years we have dedicated ourselves to the community of Dallas, we have explored many options that might be available to you in fighting back against the Department of Homeland Security’s attempt to deport you. The first step in beginning this fight is acting fast to get an attorney who can protect you.

What The Deportation Process Looks Like

When the Department of Homeland Security decides to proceed with the process of deporting you, this is known as initiating removal proceedings. People that are subject to these removal proceedings are those who have:

• Overstayed their visa
• Violated criminal statutes
• Received a denial in their immigration application
• Other problems that can cause a person’s presence to be illegal in the United States

No matter what reason the government has for trying to deport you, you still have the option to fight it. Our attorneys know what is at stake in these cases, and we stop at nothing to bring you the best possible outcome in them.

One of the most common and successful methods is by pursuing a waiver of in admissibility. Inadmissibility is when the government decides that you are to be refused a green card or otherwise deported. You can appeal for a waiver of this decision, which can allow you to continue to live in this country if you are successful in your efforts. We work closely with you to understand all the details of your unique case and then create a custom-tailored strategy to help you defend your right to stay in this country.

Begin Your Fight With An Experienced And Dedicated Attorney At Your Side

If you or a loved one is facing removal proceedings, or you even think you were about to be facing these proceedings, you need to act immediately to take the first steps in defending yourself. If you are in the Dallas area contact our office by calling 469-912-2306 or emailing us here. The sooner you reach out to us, the sooner we can begin fighting for your rights.

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