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Our Clients’ Comments

“Dear Joseph Reina,

Mr. Reina, firstly let me introduce myself. My name is Gordon Capewell and I am an Australian by birth and thanks to your law firm, myself and my wife Patricia Capewell (American by birth) can now call America home with me obtaining residency. For that, we cannot thank you enough.”

Yours sincerely and God Bless, Gordon and Patricia Capewell

“Dear Mr. Reina,

I just wanted to send you a quick note to thank you for all of your help and support through a very trying time for both Jennifer and myself. And now, with most of the long and difficult process behind us, I look back and am even more thankful than ever that you were there to help is every step of the way.

You have so many capable and helpful people that I hesitate to name them for fear that I accidentally leave someone out. However, there are two people that stand out as having been the most friendly, helpful and accessible of all. They are Lakshmi Nair, and her assistant Delia. A special thanks goes to both of them.

Even through all of the trouble and stress associated with the entire process and dealing with the INS, I have considered myself fortunate. Fortunate to be in a position to be able to enlist and help the help of qualified people such as you and your staff. And fortunate that when fees were required for an application of some kind, I was in a position to send the fees along without delay or direct concern over meeting other obligations. I know that many who are dealing with INS are not this fortunate.

With this in mind, please find the enclosed personal check made out to your firm. I want you to have it to do as you see fit. IF I may make a suggestion, perhaps you can use it as an anonymous donation for needy clients who are having trouble dealing with INS. I recall you telling me several stories of clients who were treated particularly unfairly, and have had their lives permanently disrupted. These stories both touched me and angered me, and I hope that in some small way, this donation can help people like them.

Thank again for all of your help. Keep up the good work, and I am sure that continued and well-deserved success will be yours.”

Sincerely, Richard Klics

“I appreciate the great news, It’s fantastic, this Christmas is so good for us, this is our Santa’s present, the best wishes for this Christmas for your family and you, I hope you enjoy this happy holiday too, I’ll call you the next week, thank so much , I’m so happy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

Gerardo Garcia

“As you know I got my Green Card back. I just like to say thanks for your help in doing paperwork. You really did a very good job.

I really thank Mr. Reina who got me a new life.”

 Regards, P J

“Thank you so much for working on our documents in a diligent manner. We have received the documents and we will send them to you promptly. We appreciate it and thank your partnership and cooperation in our case, Thank you so much.”

Reina Bannister

“Thank you. I just got your e-mail with the great news!!!!!!!! Thank God, the attorney Joe Reina and all of you that made it possible. God gave me the victory with my trial as well! I won my case with my divorce under cruelty with domestic violence.

Thanks again, Erika Salcido

THANKS!!!!!!!!!! to everyone at the firm but especially to you, dear Lucine because when I was having my drama crisis, you were always there for me to support. And like you said, this is going to be better!”

Elda Rodriguez

“Hello All,

I am very pleased to inform all of you that I received my Green Card yesterday in the mail.

We wanted to Thank you all very much for all the assistance that you have provided us throughout the years. Please pass on our Thanks to Mr. Reina for helping us out with the Judge. Again a heartfelt thank you to all of you. If you run into Ms. Stewart and Ms. MacGregor please convey the same to them.”

Thank you very much, Preeti

Excellent Lawyer – My case was dismissed and terminated by the federal court 

“Mr. Reina was capable to persuade the federal court to dismiss and terminate my case. I am no longer in removal proceedings anymore and I have just received a USCIS notice to appear in the Oath Ceremony this month to be naturalized. This is a big relief for my wife, three kids and myself after a long immigration journey with agony.

I was amazed when Mr. Reina drew a flow chart for my case at the white board showing all steps, processes for UCSIC/ICE, potential options and risks and based on that he derived out a road map and strategy for which he believes the best for my complicated case. This was a winning strategy and he was a WINNER.

When discussing my case he was honest and open about how my case is going. I needed the truth more than someone concerned about my stress level.

Mr. Reina and his wonderful staff members have a deep understanding of their area of legal specialty. They were passionate about protecting me and my rights.

I can’t forget how confident Mr. Riena was in the courtroom. He has charisma and character. Forceful when necessary and intelligent enough to know when to back off.

Mr. Reina, thanks for you and your staff members for the time and effort you put in my case. My wife, three kids and myself can’t thank you more.”

Gasan ElKhodari 

Highest quality service 

“While I was in custody, most of my close friends and parents thought that there was no hope for me to stay in the USA. In custody while I was by myself in court seeing the judge through the screen (I was in detention so I was not able to be physically in the courtroom), Mr. Reina heard the Judge and, offered his free services. Before this day I never met Mr. Reina. So without even knowing me, like the good Samaritan, like an angel, Mr. Reina took my case for free. At my following hearing, the judge didn’t want to decrease the amount of the bond ( was $10,000) but Mr. Reina did a so great advocacy than even the prosecutor stood by my side and asked the Judge to lower the bond money. The bond was lowered to $5000 and paid the same day!!!

Later on, during the whole process, the whole staff/team of Mr. Reina (all so nice, kind and full of compassion) put my interest first, and we won my case. Today I am staying in the USA legally with freedom, joy, and peace. Mr. Reina is the best lawyer. He is a great lawyer humble, simple, and very efficient.”

Jacques Sarr 

With Special Thanks to All of You “To know you is to know people who are kind, considerate, and thoughtful.  To know you is to be grateful for the special things you do” “Dear Mr. Reina, May God Bless you and your staff for making this case successful. Without you, Lucine and your staff, I would’ve been in trouble. Thank you for your professionalism, expertise, and hard work. May God Bless you.” Dihan Fernando

Our Victories 

Our firm has achieved notable victories for our clients, some of which have appeared in the most important communication media, including CNN, The Wall Street Journal and Good Morning America.

The partners of our firm have long been recognized by their peers as outstanding lawyers. but we never forget that results are what really count. here are examples of the results we have achieved for our clients.