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Immigration Law For Employees And Employers

Whether you are an employer or an employee, completing the immigration process is extremely complicated. There are dozens of types of visas that a person can apply for, but they may only qualify for a few. You will likely need guidance to either gain your employment status visa or keep a valuable employee with your business.

Here at Reina & Associates, our lawyers have over 60+ years of combined experience in immigration law. We can guide you to the answers and competent counsel you need to resolve your concerns and achieve your goals.

Understanding What Types Of Visas Apply To What Types Of People

Many different types of visas are offered by the United States. Here are a few that may apply to your needs:

  • H-1B – For physicians or other individuals that are highly specialized in specific occupations
  • TN – For Mexican and Canadian NAFTA employees
  • L-1 – For company transfers where an employee is transferred from one nation to another
  • R-1 – For employees involved with religious works

In addition to these and other types of visas that you may apply for, you may need to pursue a labor certification. This is the process of proving to the United States government that there are no other qualified employees for the position that you or your potential employee hold. By proving to the government that you are invaluable with the position that you have, it increases your chances of earning a visa.

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