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Prepare To Fight Deportation If You Are Facing Criminal Charges

The idea of deportation can be terrifying. When everything you have built in this country is on the line (like your family, your home, your job and your loved ones), losing them all is a nightmare. This nightmare begins when the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) sends you a Notice to Appear. Thankfully, that nightmare ends with us.

Here at Reina & Associates, we are a team of compassionate and dedicated Texas attorneys with over 90+ years of combined experience in immigration law. Our decades of service have earned us is strong reputation among our peers and our clients as well.

What The DHS May Come After You For, And How To Fight It

The DHS has the ability to remove your eligibility to your green card, or your eligibility to apply for one, based on your actions. For example, if you were to commit an aggravated felony or a crime of moral turpitude, the DHS has used these crimes as grounds for deportation. The crimes the DHS can use as grounds for removal vary and include:

• Murder
• Rape
• Drug trafficking
• Fraud
• Smuggling aliens into the country

While their decision is serious, it is not final. You have the option to challenge their decision for deportation by claiming that your crime does not fall into either of their two categories or that your crime does not constitute a reason for removal.

There are multiple ways to beat this attempt of deportation, and we work with you to understand your case and explore all possible options you can pursue. We know how to work to get a judge to waive your deportation order, grant asylum to those who qualify and cancel the removal for certain residents.

Let us Fight For You And Your Family

We know what is on the line if you or a loved one get deported, and we stop at nothing to bring you the best possible outcome in your case. If you are in the Dallas area, contact us by calling 469-912-2306 or clicking this link to email us. Act today to schedule your initial consultation, so we can begin fighting for you.

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