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Experienced Guidance On How To Gain Permanent Residency Status

The citizenship process into any country is long and complicated. Here in the United States, we are no different. You might already have a worker’s visa to be in the country for employment purposes, but what can you do if you want more? Obtaining a permanent residency status is no simple task, and if you make even a small mistake, it can cost you everything that you have earned in this country.

Here at Reina & Associates, our Texas attorneys know how difficult the citizenship process is, and we can help you through it. There is a lot of work to be done, but we have seen it all before and know what comes next. We offer peace of mind to our clients to help them gain their citizenship as fast as possible, with accuracy and experience on their side.

Where To Start In Your Citizenship

The first thing any hopeful immigrant will need to become a citizen is a green card, which is a document that grants the holder permanent residency in our country. There are two main ways in which you can earn a green card, each with their own qualifications:

  • Family – If you have a relative who can sponsor you, they can help you earn your green card. To be a sponsor, they must be a legal citizen and be able to both prove their relation to you and support you to a certain amount above the poverty line. A spouse can be your sponsor for these purposes.
  • Business – If you do not have any family here, but you are here for work, your employer can act as your sponsor. If you have a crucial skill in areas such as business, art or medicine, you can earn a green card directly. Otherwise, you will need to earn a labor certification before earning your green card.

Once you have earned your green card, you can live in the country indefinitely, but you are not a full citizen. Many people live here with a green card, but they do not enjoy all of the freedoms that come with citizenship. After five years of living here with a green card, you can apply for citizenship and enjoy rights such as being able to vote, receive government benefits and have protection from deportation.

Begin Your Citizenship Process With Confidence

If you are looking for compassionate and experienced guidance in the steps you take to become a citizen, contact our lawyers today. If you are in the Dallas area, schedule your initial consultation with is by calling 469-912-2306 or emailing us here. Act today to become one step closer to becoming a citizen.

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