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What You Can Do To Help Earn Your Green Card

Earning your green card is the first step to becoming a full citizen. Even if you do not want to gain citizenship, you can earn a green card to become a permanent resident here in our country. No matter what your final goal is, if you are looking to stay here legally and indefinitely, you will need a green card. Getting one, however, can be difficult and can come with many challenges.

Here at Reina & Associates, our Texas attorneys want to help you understand what you can do to prepare for your upcoming green card application process. There is a lot that you should know about what you should do, but knowing what to avoid doing may make all the difference in your application.

Things To Not Do In Your Green Card Application Process

A green card application is a lot more work than applying for a credit card or a job. There are many ways you can slow down or even stop your application process entirely. Our lawyers want to help you understand what you can do to help your application process along with these simple tips:

Don’t fill out forms incorrectly. Make sure you are following all directions on your forms. Many applicants fill out a portion incorrectly, which can cause you to have to start over entirely.
Never lie on any portion of your application. Both intentionally lying on the form, or even making a mistake can cause you to lose any chance of gaining a green card. This also includes the interview you may have with an application official.
Don’t be late with your application. It is extremely important to never miss a chance to turn in your forms on time, or even early.
Don’t break any laws. Maintain a clean record. Any kind of criminal charges can threaten your application.

Our firm has over 90+ years of combined experience in immigration law. We know what it takes to earn your green card, and we know how to help you earn it. Our lawyers are certified in immigration and nationality law, giving us the experience you need for your best possible outcome.

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