What employment visas can you use to enter the United States?

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For an individual coming into the United States to work, it’s helpful to have an understanding of the different types of employment visas available. The U.S. offers several different visa options to accommodate different types of employment, from temporary work assignments to permanent relocation for job opportunities. Each visa type has specific requirements, application processes and intended uses, catering to a wide range of professions, skills and employment situations.

Choosing the right visa depends on factors such as the nature of the job, the duration of the employment and the worker’s qualifications. By familiarizing themselves with the different visas, applicants can better prepare their applications and increase their chances of approval. This guide provides an overview of the primary employment visa categories, highlighting their purposes and requirements.

H-1B visa

The H-1B visa is for workers in specialty occupations that require theoretical or technical expertise in specialized fields. These fields include but are not limited to

  • IT
  • Finance
  • Engineering
  • Medicine

Applicants must have a bachelor’s degree or higher in their specific specialty or its equivalent to qualify.

L-1 visa

The L-1 visa facilitates the transfer of key employees from a foreign company to a U.S. branch, subsidiary or affiliated company. There are two subcategories: L-1A for managers or executives and L-1B for employees with specialized knowledge.

O-1 visa

The O-1 visa is for individuals with extraordinary ability or achievement in the sciences, arts, education, business or athletics, or who have demonstrated a record of extraordinary achievement in the motion picture or television industry.

E-2 visa

The E-2 visa is for investors from countries with which the U.S. has a treaty of commerce and navigation. It allows individuals to enter the U.S. when investing a substantial amount of capital in a U.S. business.

Choosing the right employment visa is one of the first steps for those looking to work in the United States. From specialized occupations and intra-company transfers to individuals with exceptional abilities and investors, the U.S. offers various visa categories to meet the needs of a diverse global workforce. Understanding these options can aid in the successful planning and execution of working in the United States.