How can an arrest affect your work visa status?

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When it comes to your work visa status, you need to understand what could happen if the police arrest you.

An arrest can affect your ability to work and stay legally in the country.

Visa revocation

According to, 23% of Texas’s workforce is immigrants. An arrest while holding a work visa could lead to the authorities revoking your visa. This means you could lose your legal right to work and live in the country. Revocation typically occurs if the arrest leads to criminal charges or if it violates the terms of your visa.

Legal proceedings

An arrest may lead to legal proceedings, which can complicate your visa status further. Legal issues can delay or prevent the renewal of your visa, and you will not be able to continue working legally.

Employment termination

Some employers may terminate your employment upon learning about your arrest. Employers have a responsibility to ensure that their employees maintain legal status, and an arrest could pose a risk to their business operations.


In severe cases, an arrest could result in deportation. If a court convicts you of a serious crime or if the arrest violates immigration laws, authorities may initiate deportation proceedings. Deportation makes it difficult to obtain future visas for that country.

Background checks

Even if an arrest does not lead to charges or conviction, it can still make it hard to secure future visas or employment opportunities. Many countries conduct background checks as part of the visa application process, and an arrest record may raise red flags for immigration officials.

Legal assistance

Seek legal assistance if you find yourself facing arrest while holding a work visa. Legal professionals can provide guidance and minimize the impact on your visa status.

You need to protect the status of your work visa against anything that could impact it negatively.