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Immigration, Syrian Refugees in the United States

The Syrian immigration crisis has exceeded all provisions and forecasts crossing borders and oceans, becoming the worst case of refugees in world history since the terrible genocide in Rwanda. Twenty years have passed since that terrible event and it is still unclear how far this will extend.
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How are different countries handling the impressive exodus?

The West is working on how to assist with this wave of immigrants while countries neighboring Syria are responding in different ways. Some are willing to open their doors while others are offering to accept limited numbers. The United States is one of those countries and are evaluating what action to take to receive these refugees.

United States So far this year some 1,500 refugees have arrived and are living in the country. According to the Department of State, these numbers will increase considerably during 2016 as part of an admittance program for Syrian refugees.

Canada already has more than 2,300 Syrian refugees located in the country since 2014 and the government has assured that the quota is for 10,000 refugees.

Neighboring countries who share their borders with Syria are receiving a constant avalanche of refugees escaping. Turkey and Lebanon are two countries that are receiving the highest number of refugees who are fleeing the massacre occurring in their country. More than 2 million Syrian refugees have crossed the border into Turkey and they are unable to handle the situation where more than 50 of these refugees are children or under the age of 17. A similar situation is occurring in the Lebanon where more than 1 million have crossed the borders into their country, increasing the population of the country by 25. Jordan, Iraq and Egypt have received more than 1 million.

Syria and the region are in a state of total chaos, with more than 4 million exiled and the country in ruins after 4 years of war.

The European Union has also enforced a plan to assist in this crisis. Requests for asylum do not reach the numbers and a quota has been established whereby the larger and more prosperous countries within the EEUU have been assigned 58 of these refugees. Germany is the country of choice where many of these refugees strive to reach.

The European Commission has stipulated that Germany, France and Spain are the countries to receive the largest number of refugees. Sweden, United Kingdom, Denmark, Hungary and Austria also will be required to accept smaller numbers. Due to their proximity, Greece and Hungary have been receiving a massive influx of refugees and the situation is critical for both these countries. The European Union has presented mandatory regulations for all member countries, stipulating the number of asylum requests, accepting first families with children, the elderly and sick and certain professions such as doctors, nurses and teachers.

Some countries have refused to accept any refugees and do not permit them to enter their borders such as the Arab Emirates, Qatar, Bahrain Kuwait or Saudi Arabia.

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