How find USCIS offices in your area

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There are Field Offices located in every county of the State where you reside within the US for the purpose of offering limited customer services and information. It is recommended that before scheduling an appointment on applications that are non-asylum issues, you first visit the USCIS official website or make enquiries by phone.

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Applications for any service should be filed online or through the mail. Each form will explain what steps you must take. If you do need to go to one of the Field Offices to receive personal services, an appointment should be made ahead of time, to avoid a lengthy wait time.

In order to follow up on the services requested, the website has check processing times which will give you an idea on how long it should take for you to receive an appointment date. An appointment may be scheduled at one of the Field Offices and it is very important that you do not miss the appointment as this could result in your case being delayed or having to repeat several of the steps. The worst case scenario could result in your petition being denied.

If you experience a situation where you cannot make the appointment, call the customer service at the corresponding Field Office to request a new appointment date. They will need to have proof of the reason you request a rescheduling.

For most of the services offered at the USCIS Field Offices the information can be found on the official website or by calling customer service and we recommend you check these services before taking the time to visit a Field Office for service.

USCIS also has international immigration offices located in several countries of Latin America, the Caribbean and Canada as well as Asia and Europe. Information on the locations, address and phone number are also available on the official website. These offices have received very high rating on the quality of services required.

Now you can easily find USCIS Field Offices in your Area. Always consult with an experienced immigration attorneywho isa law graduateand certifiedin the UnitedStates ofAmericaby the Boardof Immigration AppealsFederal Department ofJustice.

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