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AILA Request Release Children and their Immigrant Mothers from Detention Centers

The American Immigration Lawyers Association has petitioned that the government carry out immediate systemic changes in the way DHS retains families. In a visit to two Detention Centers in Texas Rep. Gutierrez commented that there shouldn’t be over 1,000 children detained in a prison camp.

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The mental and psychological harm caused to children living under these circumstances, who have fled their homeland in from countries such as El Salvador Nicaragua o Guatemala, escaping the dire poverty and above all abuse prevalent in so many countries in Central America. We should remember that during the middle of 2014 President Obama acknowledged this was a serious humanitarian problem and crisis with the arrival of more than 46,000 children and minors who crossed the southern borders, later to be detained for many months until their fate is decided.

In 2008 Congress passed the law TVPRA stating that children who have travelled alone cannot be deported immediately as it what occurs at the Mexican border. They have suffered enough hardship and fear without the protection of an adult family member. They are to be placed under the supervision of the Department of Health and Human Resources Services and their future to be decided by an immigration judge.

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