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Humanitarian crisis in the USA. Undocumented children border

The government of the United States through the Immigration Department is seeking solutions to the massive crisis that has occurred with the arrival of thousands of children who become undocumented children when they cross the border in the hottest spots, Texas and California.

The numbers are staggering, and can exceed 60,000 cases of children who come to USA without the company of their parents or guardian, this apart from creating a humanitarian crisis within the borders of this powerful country, and are a multi-millionaire expense for the nation.

Two military bases in these 2 states bordering Mexico, have been habilitated, but according to data provided by television stations and government agencies, the origin of these children represent many extreme characteristics.

It’s amazing to think that these young kids reach across the borders with success alone.

Where do they come from?

Three quarters of these unaccompanied children come from El Salvador, Honduras and Guatemala. That is how they are classified by the immigration police who have to deal with different problems, especially the lack of information, as the data of these children is not placed on the same data base of older undocumented immigrants, but the laws covering minors are different. The tedious process of locating parents or relatives within the United States and in many cases parents are unaware that their children have crossed the border and are arrested. The worst part is that they are also undocumented and are afraid to talk with the Department of Immigration.

We found chilling data that some have crossed the border from Sri Lanka and other Asian or African countries. How could they reach these boundaries? What dangers did they experience on the long journey? How many thousands died or disappeared in this desperate escape?

Some of these children are as young as five years old, undertaking this dangerous journey through a vast unknown country without speaking the language, at the mercy of criminals, drug dealers, rapists, and organized mafias. All these children come under removal proceedings in an estimated 1-2 years’ time they will be returned to the country of departure, because as the Honduran father of two detainees in Texas reported: “It’s much more dangerous to stay in our country, to make this trip.

The White House is seeking immediate solutions and are receiving endorsements from some of the largest American companies, saying they need more manpower and supporting immigration reform to legalize immigrants who can work and live freely in this country, a nation known as the land of opportunity, the Promised Land?

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