What mistakes could cause you to lose your green card?

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Getting a green card is a big milestone in the journey toward permanent residency in the United States. It is important to follow immigration rules and regulations.

According to Vera.org, more than one million immigrants live in Dallas, and although some have completed the naturalization process, many of them are on the pathway to citizenship with a green card. Certain mistakes can lead to the loss of your green card. This blog explores some of these common errors and how to avoid them.

Failing to renew green card

One big mistake is not renewing your green card when it is close to expiring. You must renew your green card every ten years. Failing to do so results in the loss of your permanent resident status. To avoid this, keep track of your green card’s expiration date and initiate the renewal process on time.

Taking a long trip away from the U.S.

Keeping your green card status requires you to make the United States your primary place of residence. Long absences from the country jeopardize your green card status. If you need to travel or live abroad for an extended period, consult with the local immigration authorities to make sure you comply with the rules.

Having criminal offenses

Engaging in criminal activities can result in the loss of your green card and possible deportation. Certain offenses, including drug-related crimes, can lead to serious consequences. To safeguard your green card status, it is crucial to avoid criminal activities and comply with the law.

Lying on your application

Providing false or misleading information on your immigration application is a grave error that can lead to the loss of your green card. Always be honest and truthful when filling out any immigration-related forms.

Abandoning your status

The United States government expects green card holders to show their intention to live in the country permanently. Abandoning your status by relocating to another country results in green card loss. If you plan to live abroad temporarily, make sure to consult with immigration authorities to avoid abandoning your status.

Failing to file taxes

Filing income taxes is important for green card holders. Failing to do so can not only result in financial penalties but may also raise questions about your commitment to the United States, potentially leading to the loss of your green card.

Maintaining your green card status in Dallas requires adherence to specific rules and regulations. Avoiding these common mistakes is important to make sure your permanent residency remains intact. Staying informed, following the law and seeking guidance when necessary can help protect your green card status and keep you on the path to becoming a U.S. citizen.