4 Steps to take to get your US citizenship

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To become a US citizen, you must go through the naturalization process. Before applying, see if you are exempt from this process for any reason.

Here are the steps you will encounter while getting your citizenship.

1. See if you already have citizenship

Some people were born US citizens or received this status from their parents as children. If you did not get this status, you must go through the naturalization process.

2. See if you meet eligibility for citizenship

Check the eligibility requirements to see if you meet them for naturalization. That can help you know if it is the right time to apply for citizenship.

3. Fill out an Application for Naturalization

You can find this labeled as Form N-400 online. First, create an online account with US Citizenship and Immigration Services. Then, read the instructions to ensure you have everything you need to complete the form. For example, you will need documentation that you are eligible for citizenship. You will also need two passport-style photos. Once you have everything, begin filling out the form in the online portal.

4. Submit your application and pay any fees

You submit your completed application on the online portal. You also can pay any fees online. You will get a receipt once you do this. You can use the information on your receipt to check the status of your application at any time.

Naturalization is a big step. But, often, you can find help in your local community to get through the process with minimal friction.