How can you qualify for VAWA protection?

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Malicious family members who agree to sponsor you to facilitate the process of your receiving a green card might use their position to abuse or extort you. The Violence Against Women Act serves to protect immigrants from the abuse of U.S. citizens or lawful permanent resident relatives and offers an alternative method of securing lawful permanent residence.

You may benefit from VAWA if you seek safety from an abusive relative while trying to receive your green card. Understanding the eligibility requirements of VAWA will help you find the best way forward.

Who is eligible for VAWA protections?

VAWA exists to help people who may be eligible for lawful permanent residence but who are subject to hindrance from a malicious sponsor. Even though the original intention of the act is to help abused women, any petitioner seeking lawful permanent residence in the United States can receive protection under VAWA. You may be eligible for VAWA protection if you are an immigrant who is the victim of abuse or cruelty committed by a U.S. citizen spouse, parent, or adult child who is sponsoring you in your effort to receive a green card.

How does VAWA help you get your green card?

If you are under circumstances that qualify you for VAWA protection, you can self-petition for a green card without your abuser’s knowledge or consent. This enables you to pursue lawful permanent residence as well as independence from a malicious family member in a safe and protected manner.

You can qualify for VAWA protection by meeting the same eligibility requirements for a standard green card petitioner. If you are a victim of battery or cruelty during your application process, VAWA can offer the protection you need.