3 reasons a U visa could be right for you

On Behalf of | Apr 19, 2022 | Immigration |

It is an unfortunate reality that immigrants are often the target of workplace abuse. If you are an immigrant and a victim of abuse, you might choose to continue suffering because you need the money.

The U visa exists to help immigrants who are in such a situation. You can apply for a U visa and strive for a better future after deciding if this option is right for you.

1. You are a prior victim of workplace abuse

The U visa is an opportunity to receive work authorization and other benefits. This opportunity is a chance to make a living in a fair work environment. You may be eligible for a U visa if you have a history of suffering workplace abuse or employer exploitation.

2. You are willing to assist law enforcement

Because the U visa is part of a program to reduce immigrant abuse overall, one criterion is that visa holders assist law enforcement in reducing crime. As a U visa holder, you must report information on workplace crimes against immigrants and stand ready to testify.

3. You care about improving working conditions for other immigrants

Even if you are eligible for a U visa, you should understand that it does not exist just for you. If you take pride in knowing that you can improve working conditions for all immigrants, then it is likely to be the right path for you.

Exploitation in the workplace is just one of many immigration issues that foreign workers might encounter. Obtaining the right work authorization is an important step in overcoming the obstacles ahead of you.