Immigration arrests at courthouses to be curtailed

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The U.S. Department of Homeland Security announced a change in immigration law associated with the arrest of immigrants in Texas and across the United States. One particular policy change impacts courthouse access for immigrants in the country. The Biden Administration has decided to narrow the ability to arrest immigrants on courthouse grounds, a practice that had been expanded during the Trump Administration.

Trump Administration policy regarding arrest of inmates at courthouses

During the Trump Administration, the Department of Homeland Security implemented a policy that expanded immigration arrests to include areas in and around courthouses in the United States. This was part of a comprehensive tightening of U.S. immigration law. These initiatives included everything from the expanded courthouse arrest policy to the wall program at the Mexico border.

Biden Administration policy regarding arrest of inmates at courthouses

In the aftermath of expanding immigration arrests to include courthouses, some professionals in the field of immigration law began to point out that this type of policy had negative consequences. Specifically, authorities contended that expanding immigration arrests to courthouses had a chilling effect on immigrants cooperating with law enforcement and with these individuals accessing court hearings.

The Biden Administration has retracted the expansion. This administration maintains that there are a number of notable benefits associated with restricting the arrest of immigrants on courthouse grounds in the country:

  • Ensures fair access to courthouses
  • Advances the fair administration of justice
  • Promotes safety for crime victims
  • Advances equal protection under the law

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