Latinos largest immigrant community in the United States

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52 million Latinos who live according to census data in the United States. How they operate and integrate the different nationalities and how is the process of residency and citizenship.

The Latin is in, one of the campaigns that have been made ??in America promoting the Latin, it is no longer the Hispanic, or each of the nationalities of descent, now Latino means to be American, integrated in society, are now attractive and workers, turned the tables and Latino rising fast.

By passing the Immigration Department in future citizens absolute majority Spanish speaking with different accents millionaire involved in this sector. His naturalization process is very different depending on the country of origin and their qualifications, permit fees and visas will corde with the agreements and the numbers of immigrants who come to the land of opportunity, America.

Immigration lawyer knows very well the percentages and characteristics of all immigrants, especially Hispanic and that is a huge force not only in quantity but in quality, purchasing power and presence in politics.

Mexico captures two communities emphasize the first place, the largest Latino community by far, and Puerto Rico with a large number but are not immigrants, Puerto Ricans are American citizens from birth.

The guys at the top of the list with half of Mexicans, with 65{ 60+ 1159a6a7429584a806995ad39558e169cc2325aba4a356f39b55aa785c6703} of second generation and more than 33 million, with a high purchasing power dominate the service sector, especially in Texas where in cities like Dallas, San Antonio or Houston you can see everything in Spanish, hovering around 50{ 60+ 1159a6a7429584a806995ad39558e169cc2325aba4a356f39b55aa785c6703} Spanish language begins to suggest a bilingual state very soon.

They are followed by long distance Cuba, 2 million located primarily in Florida where they dominate almost all sectors. And then all the representatives of the Spanish-American world, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Colombia, Ecuador, Venezuela, Peru and Argentina. Ches although minority noted for their high purchasing power with great jobs prefer Florida, California, New York and Texas to live.

And across the pond, 700,000 Spaniards noted for their high level of citizenship, 93{ 60+ 1159a6a7429584a806995ad39558e169cc2325aba4a356f39b55aa785c6703} of the Spanish sector are Americans by birth or naturalized citizens.

These data make the slogan a reality. “What’s hot latino”

If in doubt, always consult with an experienced immigration attorney who is licensed and accredited in the United States of America.