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Immigration to Texas Continues to Grow

Immigration in Texas continues to grow; especially immigration from Asian countries continues to rise at a constant pace, nearly matching the number of immigrants who arrive from Latin America. India and China are at the head of the long list of countries whose nationals immigrate to USA.

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The Office of the State Demographer conducted a study on this phenomenon, showing the last few years the immigration from Asia has more than doubled and how the number of Mexican immigrants has decreased as a result of the 2008 recession. Texas is still one of the States with the highest number of immigrants coming from Mexico and Central America.

Dr. Lloyd Potter has carried out a study on this topic, stating that the percentage of immigrants moving to the state from Asia has more than doubled in recent years, Vietnamese immigrants chose Hawaii and California or fly into Guatemala and then cross the Mexican border into the U.S. The highest numbers of Asian immigrants come from India and China and establish themselves in different areas of Texas and once permitted by law, request visas to bring their families to join them, there by multiplying the numbers.

As a result, with this rich mix of cultures, Texas has become more cosmopolitan, modern and open to residents from different countries.

In our blog, you can read about the history of the different routes taken by immigrants over the centuries.

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