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Dreamers, How DACA has impacted the Program’s Recipients

According to an article published in the Huffington Post on July 14, surveys carried out by the National Immigration Law Center, the Center for American Progress and the University of California, San Diego to study the how Dreamers, DACA recipients have benefited both from an economic and educational standpoint.

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The survey was conducted online in June 2015 among 546 DACA recipients around the age of 22, living in 34 States and the District of Columbia. The majority of respondents (84 percent) were of Hispanic descent, the remaining 16 percent were identified as Asian, black or of other descent.

The results have shown that undocumented young people, also known as Dreamers, who were granted authorization to stay and work legally in the U.S under the DACA program, are earning an hourly wage of $17.29, which is up from $11.92 earned before the program was put in place. This is an increase of 45 over the projected wage increase of 8.5 for DACA recipients and affects some 665,000 undocumented immigrants.

Another statistic reported that 89 of these undocumented immigrants have a driver’s license and are buying their first car at high rates spending $22,559 for a new car and $9,607 for a used model. According to this survey 76of the recipients under this program are employed, and of those 69 are paid higher wages permitting them to become financially independent and the remaining 54 have improved working conditions. Higher wages benefit the economy and promote economic growth among those young people. For many the opportunities to work and study have widened after receiving DACA.

In conclusion DACA is having a major impact on the lives of these individuals; however this is only a small section of those who could benefit from the program. Up to 1.17 million young people are currently eligible to apply for DACA, another 4 million who would be eligible for the programs are on hold due to the Texas lawsuit opposing the program.

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