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Fiscal Year 2014. USCIS announces major grants citizenship preparation.

The District of Columbia and 24 states will receive federal funding for Citizen Preparation Programs, nearly $10 million has been awarded in grants by the US Citizenship and Immigration Services to 40 organizations located in 24 states and the District of Columbia.

These organizations will provide permanent residents with citizenship preparation services through to September 2016. This program has assisted more than 93,000 permanent residents prepare for citizenship. It is anticipated that by September 30, 2016, more than 32,000 permanent residents will receive these services.

USCIS Director Leon Rodriguez stated that the Citizenship and Integration Grant Program is part of the agency’s mission to support integration and participation in American civic culture. Organizations receiving these grants create a vital network throughout the country, helping tens of thousands receive top quality services and valuable information for permanent residents.

In addition to the Grant Program for citizenship preparation services, USCIS provides information to immigrants through the Citizenship Resource Center, where learning material can be obtained through a web resource. These resources will assist permanent residents on how to prepare for the process of naturalization. Municipal and federal agencies in partnership with USCIS, by these means create awareness among the estimated 8.8 million permanent residents of their responsibilities and rights of becoming a US citizen.

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