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There are many conditions and characteristics that are making Texas the spotlight for foreigners seeking the American dream. Dallas stands out above the major capitals of the American nation as the most searched destination for prospective immigrants seeking citizenship in the United States.

Not only emigrants focus on Dallas, many American companies are moving their headquarters and offices this Texas city for an  important reason;  taxes.  Texas has one of the lowest tax burdens in the United States and does not have a corporate income tax nor an individual income tax, therefore and enjoying many more benefits than in other states.  In addition you add to that the border, the climate and the excellent quality of life. Toyota moved its offices to Dallas, and more than 6,000 families have moved to this Texas city, this entails more marketing , advertising and new services to Dallas. This city  also offers its immigrants an ideal and stable environment to create new business and for investors looking for business opportunities.

The reality is that Dallas is the target for a large majority of migrants worldwide. Before making a move however, immigrants are recommended to consult with qualified immigration attorneys, who can communicate in their own language and who can advise them in all aspects related to their intention to move to the United States.

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