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Puerto Rican Vote vital for the 2016 US Elections

Puerto Ricans can only vote for their President if they live in the U.S. For the 2016 elections, the Puerto Rican vote will be absolutely decisive in Florida, according to a report to Agencia EFE.

During her last meeting in Orlando, Florida, Hillary Clinton explained the unusual situation regarding the issue of Puerto Rico. Puerto Ricans are American citizens from birth, they possess a U.S. passport but they are not permitted to vote for their President if they live in Puerto Rico. According to EFE, Hillary stressed the importance of the Puerto Rican vote; in Florida alone there are more than one million and once they reside in the U.S. mainland they are permitted to vote.

Clinton gave a long speech on the subject on American citizens living in Puerto Rico and of the impact their vote will have in Florida, where they can vote for the President and can be a decisive factor in the coming elections.

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