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Several Mayors from U.S. Cities Unite in Defense of Immigrants

Mayors of the C40 Climate Leadership Group met in Mexico from November 30 through December 2nd. The main objective of this meeting is that cities help meet the goal of the Paris Agreement to limit global warming as well as many other issues including immigration.

Mayors from several cities in the United States stand firm that will not change the immigration policies of their communities, despite the uncertainty created as a result of the presidential elections and the possible deportation of at least three million undocumented immigrants with criminal records.

Led by the Mayor of Washington D.C, Muriel Bowser, six American mayors confirmed their commitment to the protection of the immigrant residents of their cities. The Mayor of Phoenix, Arizona, Greg Stanton indicated the difficulties and conflicts that this legislation could create, and stressed the importance of the mayors, who are elected by their constituents, to implement the decisions and measures of high priority for each city.

Similar concerns and support for immigrants were expressed by the Vice-Mayor of N.Y. Anthony Shorris and the Mayor of Seattle, Washington Ed Murray.

This is not a matter of politics; it is a question of consistency. In spite of the uncertain future involving immigration issues, these mayors are taking a stand that affects their communities.

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