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Trump Threatens To Send Illegal Immigrants To Sanctuary Cities

President Trump announced on Friday that the Administration is seriously considering sending migrants arriving at the border to the so called “sanctuary cities” in retaliation against Democrats  who oppose Trump’s plans for a border wall. This idea had been previously denied by his own administration officials.

This proposal reinforces Trump’s willingness to enact hardline immigration policies to deliver on border security, a key issue for his political base. The President has been threatening to close the southern border if Congress and Mexico don’t take action, receiving strong opposition from members of his own party as  a misuse of government resources.

Trump’s policy calls for sending the detainees to sanctuary cities, where they can live without fear of local authorities reporting them to federal immigration officials. There are hundreds of sanctuary jurisdictions nationwide, ranging from small counties, cities like New York City and the entire state of California.

Last month U.S. Customs and Border Protection apprehended 103,000 migrants, double the number in March 2018 — including nearly 60,000 family members.