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Texas Judge blocks immigration programs DACA & DAPA

Yesterday, February 16, Univision TV and other mass media announced that a Federal judge from Texas had suspended the actions of President Obama, that would stop the deportations of almost two and a half million dreamers, just one day before it was scheduled to be put into effect.

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On November 20, 2014,  the announcement  that  this decision would protect 5 million undocumented parents with children legally in the United States.

USCIS today cannot launch these immigration measures, at least temporarily,  that would protect these immigrants from deportation, awaiting a reply from the government of the United States.

Everything comes as a result of  the argument on behalf of the Republican party members, 26 in total, who demand that President Obama has overstepped his authority and must receive  the approval of Congress before  this proposal can become a reality.

This means that the extension of the DACA program and the implementation of the DAPA program, cannot begin to operate on February 18, 2015, as had been announced.

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