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Elderly Couple from San Antonio TX; Die within Hours of Each Other

There are stories that deserve to be told, if only to show that not everything talks about the negativity and fear surrounding immigrants, often reported in the media.

It is the story of George and Ora Lee Rodriguez, a married couple of San Antonio, Texas, United States, who have died almost at the same time and hand in hand, after celebrating their 58th anniversary on June 1.

George and Ora Lee met when they were teenagers and, after nearly six decades of life together, both had developed dementia, George had to be hospitalized recently due to an embolism and Ora decided to remain at his side in the same room, each sleeping in their own hospital bed.

A week after their wedding anniversary, George died surrounded by his children and grandchildren. Three hours later, Ora Lee died holding her husband’s hand.

A lifelong love story. On this occasion it is not a sad story, but an example of fidelity and perseverance, of powerful emotional ties and pride for their children and other relatives for this Latino family in the state of Texas.

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