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Protests and demonstrations against the SB4 “Anti Sanctuary” for Texas

The controversial legislation SB4, which has resulted in demonstrations in several cities throughout Texas, could be enforced on September 1, 2017,  Protests erupted claiming the lack of respect for the Latino community and asking that the Governor of Texas not to sign it.

Hundreds of people have congregated in cities such as Dallas, San Antonio even Austin at the Governor’s mansion.

According to information provided by EFE Agency, the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), launched a travel alert for the state of Texas warning undocumented persons entering the state. SB4 legislation would allow police officers to ask for documentation and question the immigration status of any person even at traffics tops, who may look different or suspicious, without having any reason.

If the Governor signs the SB4 it will take effect on September 1. 2017 and organizations defending the civil rights of undocumented immigrants fear that this will create reprisals on the part of the police against residents and visitors to the State of Texas. Those in favor of this legislation maintain that SB4 will guarantee public safety.

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