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Administrative Appeals Office Seek Friend of the Court Opinions

The AAO is requesting “Friend of the Court” (Amicus Curiae) written statements or opinions from people or organizations who are interested in the issue being considered. The issue at hand is regarding the Form I-140.

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Immigrant Petitions for Alien Workers and its effect on denied immigrant visa petitions or those that are later revoked. These participants cannot be party in cases concerning the beneficiaries.

The Administrative Appeals Office may request Amicus Curiae for unusual issues of law or policy that can provide valuable external data to aid a decision by the Court. Specifically the AAO is at this time seeking briefs on the issue of Form I-140. Immigrant Petitions for Alien Workers, and whether certain petitioners have standing to participate in the administrative adjudication process. This would also affect standing to appeal and under what circumstances would this prevail.

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