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“Border Wall” Built by Undocumented Immigrants in Atlanta

A wall, built in a street in central Atlanta, to represent the wall along the border between Mexico and the U.S. is the idea of US. Artist Joseph Guay. His purpose is to create awareness on the immigration problems that plague this nation.

The wall measuring 40 ft. high and 16 ft. wide, built with the cooperation of undocumented immigrants from Mexico, strives to emphasize the repercussions of the campaign promise made by President Trump. Visitors can express their thoughts, by writing or painting, creating a dialog from one side to the other of the wall. On one side is a drawing of the President and the other side several messages with the Mexican flag.

The purpose of this project, according to the artist, is not to separate but to find solutions for everyone, illegal immigrants and citizens of this country. Furthermore it shows the dimensions of the planned wall to be built separating the two countries.

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