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Controversial wall on the New Mexico Border

A one and a half mile wall of reinforced steel in Sunland Park, New Mexico, causes great controversy in this border area between the United States and Mexico.

For many of the inhabitants of the area, this represents a loss of income and a humiliation.

The inhabitants of Sunland Park, the neighboring town of El Paso, Texas are experiencing anxiety as they watch the steel wall that separates them from the town of Anapra, continues to grow. Many have families on the other side of the wall, with whom they are accustomed to visit and share meals.

The replacement of the fence by the steel wall is intended to prevent the entry of aliens into the U.S., although in the opinion of some residents, without success. According to the local chief of police, there is still a space without mesh, on the mountains that divide Anapra and Sunland Park, where the immigrants cross without problem. While the federal government builds this wall, Sunland Park is planning to re-launch a project to build a bridge that connects Sunland Park with the neighboring Mexican towns of Anapra and Juarez.

The issue of the advantage or disadvantage to continue construction of this wall, will be heatedly discussed in the upcoming debate between the two Presidential candidates and through to the elections.

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