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Trump’s multimillion Proposal to Prevent Hispanic Immigration into the U.S.

Presidential candidate Donald Trump has proposed building and reinforcing a wall at all borders with the U.S. representing a gigantic cost to build.

In a recent interview with MSNBC, Mr. Trump expressed, as part of this presidential campaign, his intention to build a wall, but it is not clear who would be responsible for paying for the construction. The purpose is to prevent the Hispanic invasion of people entering from Mexico.

The initial cost would be $8 billion to build this monumental protection, which Trump declares is a small part of what the U.S. loses with the neighboring Mexico. According to Trump this figure would cover a 2,000 mile stretch which needs to be closed and sealed and estimated between 35 to 40 feet high, adding that this cost is to be paid by Mexico.

As a result of this and other warnings and threats against Mexico, Mexican ex-president Calderon has declared to the media that his country has no intention to pay one cent towards the construction of the wall.

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