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Increased numbers of Pregnant Adolescents Crossing the Border

The number of pregnant undocumented minors who crossed the border so far this year, has increased significantly.

Áccording to Agencia EFE, hundreds pregnant adolescents from Central America cross the border with Mexico each year and end up in shelters for undocumented minors, according to figures from the federal government, which has opened day-care centers in these facilities to take care of the babies.

Agencia EFE had the opportunity to visit one of these shelters in the city of Phoenix, Arizona, which account with a kindergarten within their facilities where they are caring for babies of some of the Central American adolescents.

If we take into account the level of education and resources of these girls and the situation they live in their countries of origin, it is easy to understand their attempt, almost suicidal, to seek a new life for their children and for themselves..

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