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Representatives of Minority Groups Protest “Racist” Bills for Texas

Representatives of the two minorities gathered in Austin across from the State Capitol of Texas, supported by hundreds of people, to protest funding cuts to public education, which directly affects these minorities

Hundreds of supporters of the Afro-American and Hispanic population made a promise and joined together between these two communities, to protect themselves against the proposed laws that would affect their quality of life. They consider that these laws discriminate against those communities that have a lower purchasing power;   SB3 that cuts funding for education and the SB4 that aims to eliminate and punish Sanctuary Cities.

Activists and leaders representing these groups held a strong protest before the House of Representatives and the Senate of the State of Texas, to improve assistance to migrants and undocumented and support the presence of the Sanctuary Cities. These proposed laws would affect the most vulnerable and discriminate against low income students and the undocumented. Our young people want to study, train and be part of this great nation and this in the future benefits the country as a whole.

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