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Leopoldo López Free from Jail under House Arrest

The Venezuelan opposition leader Leopoldo López , born April 29 1971, was released yesterday of the Ramo Verde prison after three years and five months in solitary confinement.

After spending 40 months in prison Leopoldo Lopez has expressed he has no desire for revenge and seems likely to listen to his adversaries for the time being.

The Venezuelan opposition party Voluntad Popular (VP) founded by Leopoldo López, has stated that the anti-government protests over the past three months and throughout the country has put strong pressure on the government to release him from prison.

Throughout this period more than 60+ persons have died, the Attorney General Luisa Ortega has broken with the regime, 400 political prisoners have been imprisoned including all the leaders of the opposition, make it clear what is going on. Venezuelans are crossing the border to Colombia in droves, escaping the conditions in their homeland.

Hopefully international pressure will change this terrible situation under which the people of Venezuela are living.

Freedom, democracy and common sense must prevail over all things.

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