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Fifty per cent of 2016 Refugees to U.S. are Muslims

More than 63,000 refugees have been accepted into the United States so far this fiscal year, which is 22,000 under the total number that the government has stipulated for fiscal year 2016 ending in September.

Of these 63,000, 46 are of the Muslim faith according to statistics reported by the Department of State Refugee Processing Center.

More than half of these refugees come from war torn countries such as Syria where this horrific civil war has been going on for 5 years and Iraq, Somalia, Burma and Afghanistan. The massive flow of refugees fleeing these countries and crossing into Europe has created a serious problem for many of the European countries where they try to reach.

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These immigrants seek refuge from outside the U.S. borders, demonstrating that their lives are in danger, even threatened and persecuted. It is a completely different process to request asylum or to apply for residence or work permits.

According to this report, the refugees coming from those countries represent less than 10 of the one million immigrants who annually receive permanent residence in the U.S.

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