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Immigration Expects Minor refugees from Central America

United States Citizenship and Immigration Services are expecting the first Central American minors to arrive within the next few weeks, according to reports from Agencia EFE.  So far 5,000 refugee applications have been received and 60+ interviews have been conducted for children.

It is not yet clear how many children will be traveling with their parents to enter U.S. territory, thanks to this humanitarian action that began a year ago. .In the near future another 400 interviews are planned for children coming from El Salvador and Honduras and this number is expected to increase. The vast majority have seen how their applications to enter the country have been accepted on a conditional basis, permitting them residence in the U.S. for 2 years, with the possibility of renewing their status and achieve later Permanent Residence.

This new program is slow and tedious. These children are yet to arrive and further interviews will be carried out to obtain more information and determine how to mobilize this population of minors. The process can take up to one year and begins when the adult mother or father who live legally in the U.S., apply for the child to be admitted into this country. The next step is for U.S. officials to interview the child in their homeland. Several additional tests, including DNA will be performed to verify the authenticity of the parents, medical checkups and cultural orientation.

Hopefully, many of these children will soon be reunited with their parents and be able to live happily in the U.S.

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