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“Build Bridges Not Walls”

“Build Bridges Not Walls”, is the motto of the demonstration to be held on May 1st.in favor of the rights of immigrants.

Pope Francis’ phrase has spread throughout the world and has been acquired by activists from the Coalition for the Rights of Immigrants in the United States, as their slogan in the next demonstration in Los Angeles. This support is expected to occur in most large cities throughout the U.S.

In a report from EFE Agency, Pope Francis pronounced this now famous phrase during his recent visit to Mexico, supporting immigrants worldwide and sending a message to Presidential candidates stating “It is not Christian to consider building walls instead of bridges”. This demonstration is to support the approval of immigration reform for over 11 million undocumented individuals presently living in the U.S. In the meantime these people are working on our highways, building and repairing our homes and attending our gardens. President Obama’s plan has been rejected but is still a very hot subject for the citizens of this great country. Build Bridges Not Walls brings a strong message which leaves much room for thought.

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