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Study takes apart Theory that Illegal Immigration fuels Crime

The Republican Party and the President are pushing for legislation to impose harsher penalties for undocumented immigrants caught entering the country illegally, stating the link between immigration and crime, claiming what is cited as alarmingly high crime statistics.

A recent study covering 20 years of study in certain cities and neighborhoods, have found that there is no relationship between immigration and crime.

In the analysis undertaken by Charis E. Kubrin and Graham Ousey studying the evolution of crime in the United States in relation to immigrants, there is no proof on the issue of whether the number of immigrants is causing more crime. A steep decline in the number of violent crimes since the 19 60+ ’s in large cities coincides with that same period where immigration has increased considerably.

Foreigners are less prone to be involved in criminal acts such as drug consumption. The immigrants who come to this country are searching to improve their lives and are very motivated to progress and it makes no sense for them to risk getting involved in antisocial activities when most of them have been subject to extremely adverse situations to get to this country.

A recent study on Immigration of Public Safety has shown that immigrants commit less crimes than their counterparts born in the United States. What is likely to occur is that stagnation in the revitalization of many cities could be impacted by a decline in immigration.

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