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The Future of the “Dreamers” remains Uncertain

As the date approaches for when the future of those young students and professionals who are called the “dreamers” for an agreement to be reached, the Senate, Congress, House of Representatives and the White House continue to battle out a solution.

The issue of immigration takes on an urgency and importance in the politics and in the lives of nearly 2 million young people and their families in the United States of America.

In order to consider proposals on how to deal with this difficult issue, the White House is insisting that the budget must include a higher border wall, increase security, adding billions to the future deficit.  In the meantime people’s lives are in the balance and it would seem taking advantage of this to satisfy campaign promises to their base.

The dreamers and millions of American citizens who agree  that all those people who feel American, who do not remember their countries of origin  and who studied and have been raised in this nation should be be allowed to stay in this country, are waiting for our government to forget political rivalry and put this issue to rest.

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