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Immigrant Saved from Deportation Thanks to Obama’s Executive Order

Thanks to changes in immigration laws recently approved by Obama, Juan Facundo Rodriguez has been saved from his imminent deportation. As a result of these newly released reforms, this citizen from Mexico is now free.

“I thought these were my deportation orders, but the immigration officer told me to sign and I was free to go home” he reported in front of Univision cameras. Juan Facundo was thrilled at the news that he would not have to leave his family in Florence, Arizona.

He had been held in Florence for three months and feared to be soon deported, when his wife told him that under the new reform signed by Obama, immigrants who have resided in the United States for more than 5 years and had children could be released. This is what the immigration officers informed him a few hours later.

Juan Facundo Rodriguez is one of many happ immigrants who will not be deported and can be free to start a new life Here in the US.

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