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Final Rule Permits Attorneys to Receive Immigration Documentation

The Department of Homeland Security has issued a final rule on Notices of Decisions and Documents Evidencing Lawful Status. Effective on January 27, 2015 this rule amends the regulations governing how and when USCIS will correspond with an applicant, attorney or designated representative.

In addition the applicant may request that all original documents be sent the attorney on record, instead of to the applicant’s home address.

Among the procedures now in place, USCIS will not send notices to the petitioner or applicant unless the applicant is unrepresented. The applicant may request that USCIS send original notices to the attorney or accredited representative and a copy sent to the applicant for their records.

Applicants and petitioners should use form G-28 edition dated 02/28/2013 to select their notification preferences until the revised form G-28, presently under review by the office of Management and Budget, is approved.