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Trump Administration to Deny Visas to uninsured Immigrants

President Donald Trump issued a proclamation Friday night barring immigrants who do not have health insurance and cannot afford to pay medical care costs from getting visas of almost any kind to enter the US.

In the proclamation issued last Friday, Trump declared that immigrants must obtain health insurance of their arrival or demonstrate that they can afford to pay for any medical expenses.

The proclamation appears to cover all other visa categories and will become effective on November 3.   Parents and spouses of US citizens and the immediate family members of lawful permanent residents are also subject to the proclamation.  Only those seeking legal status, however, would be impacted by the proclamation; refugees, asylum seekers or people on temporary visitor visas.

One in seven adults in immigrant families already reported that they or their families didn’t participate in government programs last year — even before the public charge rule took effect — out of fear of risking their status.

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