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Immigration Still a priority for Obama

During a press conference, President Obama announced that he is willing to take legal action to fix the immigration system. This is a priority for Obama and he is open to work with Congress but insisted on reform by the end of the year as immigrants deserve a chance.

The Democrats were hit badly by the Republican party in the November 4 elections and the President received a devastating defeat. The Republican majority continues to oppose a proposal to give a green light so that more than 11 million immigrants can live and work legally in the United States.

The President delayed the issue of immigration reform until after these elections, creating indignation among citizens of Hispanic origin and from other countries and groups defending immigration reform. The heated discussion is how to open the way for the millions of people who have been living and working in the US, to become legal residents. They would then pay their taxes and become integrated into society by learning English.

In June 2013, three members of the Group of Eight presented a reform bill that would increase border security and visas for immigrants with legal authorization. Time is running out for the bill approved by the Senate and there is still no sign that the House plan to a vote after the election.

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