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Growing Bipartisan Momentum to Reach a Solution for Dreams

The growing list of demands by the White House in exchange for any agreement on how to find a legislative solution for the future and fate of some 6 60+ ,000 Dreamers is in the balance.  

On October 8 the administration made a list of demands as the basis for any agreement to grant legal status to qualified unauthorized immigrants brought to the United States as children.  As part of his campaign promise to his base is the construction of the wall, the denial of federal funding to “sanctuary cities”, the hiring of an additional 10,000 agents and toughen the requirements for those seeking asylum.  During an October 16 news conference, the President reaffirmed his demand for the wall across the southern border

As a deterrent to immigrants bringing family members into the United States and preventing illegal immigrants from getting jobs, the White House is insisting on the use of an E-Verify program to be used by companies .This move would mostly affect immigrants from Guatemala, El Salvador and Honduras who enter the country illegally, thousands of children fleeing violence in Central America who enter the country illegally and eventually blend into local communities.

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