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Revision of USCIS Form G-28 for Attorneys or Accredited Representatives

USCIS has revised Form G-28 dated March 4, 2015 will replace the original form that became effective on January 27, 2015. Important for immigrants, lawyers and  legal representatives.

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All attorneys and legal representatives with accreditation by the Board of Immigration Appeals must use Form G-28 to notify the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services when representing any case. This form must be signed by the applicant/petitioner and their legal representative. This way all communication from USCIS can be addressed to the legal representative.

The revised form contains 2 new boxes permitting the applicant/petitioner to notify USCIS whether they wish their documents to be sent to them or directly to their legal representative. After April 13, 2015 USCIS will not accept any earlier version of form G-28 and all documents will continue to be sent to the applicant/petitioner.

Always consult with an experienced immigration attorney who is a law graduate and certified in the United States of America by the Board of Immigration Appeals Federal Department of Justice.

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