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Department Of Homeland Security Change Nonimmigrant Worker Visas

Effective on February 16 the Department of Homeland security has amended their regulations for the H-1B1, E-3 and CW-1 nonimmigrant classifications and the EB-1 immigrant classification, and facilitate the process that previously placed such workers at a disadvantage compared to other visa classifications.

Covered by this amendment are highly skilled workers for specialty occupations coming from Chile and Singapore requesting the H-1B1 visa and from Australia (E-3) allowing them to work for the sponsoring employer without having to apply separately for employment authorization. These employers will be granted an additional 240 days for those nonimmigrants whose status has expired. Employers petitioning for an EB-1 visa for outstanding professors and researchers may submit initial evidence as in the case of certain employment based immigrant categories.

There will not be any additional costs for employers, workers or government entities as a result of this amendment. Additionally, this rule minimizes possible employment disruptions for U.S. employers of H-1B1, E-3 and CW-1 nonimmigrant workers. Finally the DHS expects that this change will help U.S. employers recruit EB-1 outstanding professors and researchers by expanding the range of evidence that U.S. employers may provide to support their petitions.

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