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Border Collapse as Hispanics Surge to see Pope Francisco

Last week thousands of Hispanics from throughout the United States, travelled to the Mexican border to have a chance to hear Pope Francis officiate Mass in Juarez, making El Paso the meeting place for Latinos.

Some had travelled more than 15 hours from as far as Utah, Oklahoma, Nevada, Texas and California to have a chance to see the Pope, who has generated huge masses of devoted Hispanics who live in the U.S, many of whom and living illegally in this country and fear to cross the border to Mexico.

El Paso became a hotbed of Latino believers and followers of Pope Francis, who himself is the son of immigrants and is very sympathetic to their plight.   This town of 675,000 inhabitants, 80 of which are Hispanic, has been flooded with Latinos who either wanted to cross over to Juarez or stay at the Texas border.

The Mass that was celebrated in Juarez united more than 220,000 faithful, most of them Hispanic, creating hours of enormous traffic jams at the border.

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