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Urgent message from USCIS for DACA Recipients

USCIS has published an urgent message on their website DATED July 27, 2015 to inform DACA recipients that some of these 3-year work permits, issued after the February 16, 2015 court order must be returned to your local USCIS office. This order only applies to some individuals who received their card after this date.

Some 2,000 recipients of the Employment Authorization Document were mistakenly sent 3-year permits instead of a 2-year period of deferred-action. USCIS has since taken action to correct this issue and has re-issued and mailed the corrected 2-year employment authorization.

Individuals who were mistakenly issued the 3-year EAD’s and have not yet done so will be contacted by USCIS officials by phone or in-person. Failure to return your card can result in termination of all your employment authorization as of July 31, 2015. If you have not received notification from USCIS but are not sure if you are affected by this decision you should contact the USCIS customer service line or local offices immediately.

This action does not affect Employment Authorization cards that were approved and mailed on or before the February 15, 2015 court injunction date.

Resources have now been made available to the public ion the USCIS webpage including a new online tool where you can check to see if your permit falls under this category. There is also more detailed information on this order and the importance of complying with the instructions on what to do.

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